Wink Your Way Through the Holidays

Sitting on the cusp of the busiest time of year, we’re all looking for time savers and easy ways to elevate our look.  I had always wanted to get lash extensions, however, I was concerned they would look fake and that the glue would be detrimental to the health of my eyes.  That was until I ran into a friend who had the most doe-eyed “freshness” to her face that made me ask, “what are you doing?”.  She sent me to her friend, Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar owner, Erin Derrah, for an appointment that would truly change my entire morning ‘get ready’ routine.  What used to take me 10 minutes now only takes me 5 minutes (and that includes washing my face, applying lotion, tinted sunscreen  and undereye coverup).  There is something about having your eyes look wide open with fanned out lashes first thing in the morning. And not having to wear eye makeup on a day to day basis? That’s an added bonus which no woman on earth can deny.  I never knew how wimpy my eyelashes were until seeing this before and after photo.  Seeing them side by side was eye opening (pun intended).


When you walk into Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar, you immediately know you will be well taken care of.  The women who work there are sweet, downright cool and have the most beautiful lashes you’ve ever seen.  Ever.  The ‘lash tables’ feel like a luxurious spa, complete with soft blankets, support pillows for your knees and neck, and music of your choice.


Erin has done her research and makes sure she provides clients with the best products on the market.  It’s true that if the lashes are not attached properly and/or a salon uses harsh glue, that your natural lashes could be damaged.  None of this will happen at Wink.  These girls are trained professionals with skilled hands, like surgeons.  She makes sure they are all well educated and highly trained.  They look so professional, in fact, that the headdresses they wear, with magnifying glasses attached, makes you want to ask, ‘Will this hurt?’.  The answer is no.  It does not hurt at all.  Except if we’re talking about all those hearts you’ll break with those doe-eyed lashes you’ll be rocking (wink wink).


Erin was amazing; patient with each and every lash and, as many salon owners and cosmeticians become, was sort of a therapist by default.  It’s amazing how much personal information you’ll divulge while in the hands of a skilled professional who is helping  to build your self confidence.  Whether it’s a hair blow out or lash extensions, you will leave Wink Lash Salon & Blowout Bar walking a little taller and feeling more confident.


Yes, the following photos are #carfies.  I couldn’t help it and wanted to capture a few photos up close and personal so you can see how natural they look.  Keep scrolling to the bottom for direct links and pricing information.


Normally, a full set of Xtreme lashes cost $250.  For new customers, when you mention ChicByAlisonRose, you can get them for $175 (valid through November).  Depending on each persons individuals lashes, you will need to get them “touched up” every 2-3 weeks.  That will cost you $65 & $75, respectively.

In my opinion, if you’ve ever wondered even for 1 second what it would be like to have this simple addition to your day, try them through the holidays.  Believe me, you will not regret it when you have that rested, wide-eyed look in all of your holiday photos and at all of the holiday parties you’ll attend.

Direct link to Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar

Instagram: WinkLashStudioInc

Facebook: Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar

Similar Crop Sweater in Blush

Similar Crop Sweater – LOVE this one!





Invest In Your Fall Wardrobe

Many of you have asked about this outfit I wore in a photo on Instagram so I’m doing a quick blog post on it today, with links for easy shopping.


Long vests are all the rage this fall.  I happen to like styling them with a sleeveless top underneath but as the fall/winter months approach, I will also style them with long sleeve button downs or the ‘making a comeback from the 90’s trend,’ turtleneck.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Turtlenecks are BACK! But this time, they are super fitted and super chic OR oversized and comfy…nowhere in between.  Anyway,  more on turtlenecks in a later blog post.  Back to the long vest trend.


This one is from TopShop at Nordstrom and it’s no surprise that I layered it with 2 tank tops underneath.  Layering just happens to be my thing, whether it’s clothing or jewelry.  I always feel better in layers for some reason.  Partly because I’m perpetually cold but also because I love how layers add dimension to an outfit.  Wearing this vest as a top layer was exceptionally comfortable because it covered my back side and felt flow-y while I was running errands and meeting a friend for lunch.  I also styled it with my fav Michael Grey booties and oh-so-comfortable and slimming DL1961 skinnies (don’t you just love a slimming skinny jean?).


I’ve attached links to long vests in a myriad of price ranges so you can search and shop through these links.  I’m all about making it easy for you so have fun and rock the long vest trend this fall 🙂

The vest I’m wearing

Long fringe vest – LOVE this one!

Similar Vest – Blush

A more classic style vest

Asymmetric Moto Vest – LOVE and it’s on sale!

Expensive but awesome vest 🙂

More casual vest – LOVE this too and it’s on sale!

Michael Grey Booties

Bangles and Small v Necklace

Expensive vest but FAB!!





Flare Jeans and Fringe: Iconic 70’s Style

Most of us remember Farrah Fawcett’s iconic photo.  You know, the one of her riding a skateboard crouched down looking as cute as ever in her flare jeans and feathered mane (see below).


Well, this leg slimming trend is back and I couldn’t be happier.  A good flare is as versatile as a good skinny jean.  Believe me.  It’s true.  Though it may feel intimidating at first, you’ll quickly realize how many different ways you can wear them.  I’m going to show you how I styled mine for this shoot and I hope that you’ll join me on the ‘feel like you’re walking a mile high’ trend.  If you pair yours with a high wedge sandal or boot, you will literally feel like you are walking among the stars.  I don’t know why but there is something so special about the way a flare jean swishes back and forth at your ankles.  They make you feel as if your legs are as long as a runway models.  Hold on.  Let me stay here for a moment…


OK.  Back to reality.  No, my legs are not nearly as long as a runway models but, nonetheless, my flare jeans still have a slimming effect (and they’re high-waisted to boot!).  I styled my BlankNYC flares  with another trend making a comeback this season: a bodysuit.  I’ve had this Escada version for years, since my days in NYC when I worked for the brand, but they are all over the place in stores now.  I threw on this fringe jacket, another amazing trend, from Alberto Makali and added a fringe clutch and leopard print wooden heeled sandals by DVF.


In the photos below, I paired my flares with an of-the-moment poncho from Free People (there is that fringe again!) and carried another fringe clutch.  I threw on this fabulous feather trimmed hat from Anthropologie because, why not? I love how a hat looks with a side braid and wavy tendrils falling softly around the face.


Lastly, I wore one of my favorite Ikat print dresses both with and without my flare jeans.  This dress was a fun addition to my wardrobe this fall and, just like my flares, I can wear it so many different ways depending on my mood.  Here, you’ll see how I styled them first with the flare jeans and then wore them alone with a pair of booties.  Also, I love to mix and match prints, but be somewhat careful.  If you have the same color-way, like you see here, with the rust color in the clutch matching the rust color in the dress, than you’re ok.  I will always encourage you to have fun with your clothes and with your closet.  Mix and match your clothes with new items you buy for the season.  You can literally reinvent your wardrobe every time you get dressed if you just let go and cast your fashion fears aside 🙂


High Rise BlankNYC Flare Jean

My exact High Rise BlankNYC Flare Jean

Similar Body Suit

Trendy Bodysuit

Similar Bodysuit

My exact Fringe Suede Jacket

Similar Fringe Suede Jacket

Similar Gold Belt

Similar Leopard Print Wedge Sandals

AMAZING Leopard Print Wedge Booties

Free People Poncho

Similar Poncho

Boho Dress

Grey Feather Hat

Similar Grey Booties

Similar Grey Booties








Let’s Talk About Your #Shoedrobe…

Michael Grey Footwear is a name you should definitely pay attention to.  Founder, Designer, and Shoemaker of Michael Grey Footwear, Michael Grey, knows what he’s doing when it comes to the structure of a shoe.  Add to that his meticulous choosing of the finest leather available and his signature detailing on every shoe and you’ve got yourself, in my opinion, THE up and coming footwear designer of the year.


Michael handcrafts each shoe in Brooklyn, NY and painstakingly makes sure each and every stitch is in its perfect place. When I first tried on a pair of his killer booties, I was floored by how comfortable they were and how they hugged my foot like a pair of slippers.




They immediately brought to mind luxury shoe brand, Manolo Blahnik,  (no joke) because of their exquisite design and ultimate wearability.  You’ll be able to walk for days in these bad boys. And it’s no mistake that Michael has designed them this way.  It was a deliberate and careful decision to make sure men and women alike could actually WEAR his shoes and get to enjoy the beauty and structure of the shoe on an every day basis.  He didn’t want to make a shoe that was simply pretty to look at.  Rather, he wanted to create a beautiful work of art while also providing one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Well, touche, Michael! Mission accomplished.


Just look at this bootie!! These beauties came home with me and I can’t wait to wear them to a fundraising event tonight.  Just look at the detail on the heel…you’ll see his signature stripes, sometimes in a contrasting color like you see here, sometimes in the same color as the shoe itself, on many of his designs.  Just gorgeous! And since I’m all about a sexy heel, I was smitten with the sexy, yet very sensible, 3 1/2 inch silver covered heel you see here.  I am literally blown away!

Now, let’s talk oxfords.   Are you surprised that I’m going to say Michael has hit the mark on beautiful design, impeccable detail and comfort? Well, don’t be.


His oxfords are the perfect blend of the aforementioned qualities and are the epitome of a hip, sleek shoe.  Your friends will be swooning over this on-trend staple when you rock a pair with skinnies and an oversized sweater this fall.


Right down to very last detail, Michael Grey Footwear incorporates the most fun, playful linings in their shoes.





Michael Grey Footwear has easily become one of my favorite shoe brands on the market.  I am chomping at the bit to work another pair into my #shoedrobe.  I dare to say, the enthusiasm I have for his footwork will not end any time soon.


Michael Grey Footwear, Founder, Head Designer, and CEO, Michael Mack himself.  What a stand up guy.  It was an honor and privilege to meet him, work with him, and play dress up with his shoes!


The very talented man behind the lens, Harlin Miller Jr.  Also, a great person and one who I consider a privilege to have been photographed by.  Watch out for his work on his website and follow his blog at  Thank you both for making this a fabulous, fun event!

From now until Novemeber 7th, 2015, use discount code MGMACYSCHIC at checkout for a 25% discount  when you place an order (over $70) with Michael Grey Footwear.  You’re welcome😊

Outfit details:

Michael Grey Footwear

I’m wearing a DVF Jumpsuit in these photos.  Similar links below at mixed price points:

Similar DVF Jumpsuit here

Similar Jumpsuit here (on sale!)

Similar Jumpsuit here (only $35.00 on sale!)

Small V gold necklace

Gold Cuffs and Ring

Gold Rings/Midi Rings


Over Overalls? Think Again.

Get used to seeing these bibs because they are back with a vengeance this fall/winter, except this time in leather.  Yes, LEATHER.  That word alone makes me happy.  Besides being worried about getting  so hot and sweaty that I’ll become Ross in an episode of ‘Friends’ (you know, the one where he had to make himself a pair of ‘paste pants’ because he couldn’t pull his leather skinnies up), I am so excited about this trend!


Here, I’m wearing a pair of Level99 jean overalls from Anthropologie and I’m so happy to take them into the winter months.  In these pictures, I added a few girly touches with pink pumps and a flowy, flower crop tank.  I also bought them so they were fitted instead of loose and oversized. Still though, I can just as easily pair them with strappy flats or a pair of converse and throw on an oversized sweater cardigan to rock the trend this winter.


And the good news is you can too.  So many of you have asked, ‘can I really wear overalls?’ and the answer is emphatically yes, you can!  Find a pair which flatter your body type and go for it.  Decide if you want a more casual, loose fit or a more refined, fitted pair.  Most importantly, OWN IT! Just have fun with fashion, be adventurous with your choices and be confident.  It’s amazing what a little confidence will do for the look you’re trying to pull off.  If you want to go uber trendy, buy a leather pair.  Just remember, if you go the leather route, choose your bathroom breaks wisely.  If you happen to find yourself hot and ‘expanded’, think twice before you pull those bad boys down to your ankles!


Photographs by Mary Williams Photography

Outfit details:

Level99 Overalls (on sale!!)

Crop Tank (on sale!!)

My Pumps are no longer available but I’ve linked a few similar styles below:

Pink Pumps (similar)

Pink Pumps (similar)

Gold Necklace

Leather wrap bracelets



Come Distress With Me

If you don’t know by now, distressed jeans are THE jean of the season (aside from the flare, which I’ll talk about in a future post). The more holes and slices the better; in every fit and every cut, distressing your jeans is a must this fall! Think of it as ‘freedom of expression’ and go at your jeans with wild abandon.


We all have that pair of old jeans that we haven’t pulled out of our closet in years.  And I bet we all have that pair of jeans that we try on over and over again but never wear because there is something ‘not quite right’ about them.  Just recently, I noticed that I had several pairs of jeans just like this in my closet.  So, instead of making my usual trip to the local Good Will, I decided to distress them like crazy.


The following are pictures and directions for the whole process from beginning to end. It’s easier than you think so grab a pair of scissors, tweezers, and some chalk and let’s get started!

1. Lay your jeans flat on a table

2. Mark where you want to make your cuts (several cuts in a row will make a bigger hole).


3. Grab a little bit of fabric and hold it vertically in between your fingers.


4. HORIZONTALLY snip ever so slightly making a small incision.

5. Then, cut sideways horizontally towards each side (along the chalk line) until you’ve made the cut as wide as you want it.

6. With tweezers, grab one of the VERTICAL fibers and pull (this first fiber will be the hardest to remove).


7. Keep pulling until all of the vertical fibers are removed, leaving only the horizontal fibers in place. Sometimes I leave a few vertical fibers in place (see below) because I like how it looks but you can decide as you go.


8. I cut the bottom hem off this pair and love how, by accident, they ripped up the seam a little bit too


9. Wash so that you achieve the full frayed effect

Tips: I always make a few extra small holes throughly the jeans to make them look ‘aged’ even more. To do this, just snip a small hole like you did in #4. Then, take your tweezers and roughen up the edges around the hole.   It will end up looking like this.


If you’re feeling overly ambitious you can also use the edge of the scissors to roughen up the edges of the pockets (cut seams of pockets first to start the aging process).


And if you really want to make your jeans extra distressed (think going all out with your creative expression), grab some sandpaper and go crazy throughout the legs of the jeans. Trust me, you won’t be sorry you’ve destroyed your denim when you’re rocking them next weekend!


Light Blue cigarette jean (similar) (mine are joe’s jeans)

Light Peach Tractr Denim

Light peach skinny (another option)

Saint Laurent d’Orsay Pink Pump (the pink are sold out but they have some fab colors for fall!)

Thumb Ring (Stella and Dot)



Shake Up Your Make Up

Complicated, timely beauty routines? No thank you.  I’m here to tell you about a new way to apply makeup in only a few minutes.  Most likely,  we’re all looking for the perfect foundation.  One that provides good coverage but doesn’t feel heavy.  One that photographs well but doesn’t become cakey and settle into our fine lines and wrinkles. Well, I had been searching for the perfect foundation for years.  Until I stumbled upon ‘The Luminess Air Legend System,’ I kind of thought I’d never find one (insert angels singing). Continue reading Shake Up Your Make Up

Cocktails and Caftans

When talented Pittsburgh photographer, Anita Buzzy Prentiss from Buzzy Photography, asked to photograph me on the beach in Avalon, NJ, the creative energy was palpable from the start. This girl is all about empowering and encouraging women, and when it comes to capturing beautiful, creative images, she just knows what she’s doing. Being photographed by her was both an honor and a privilege.


side view


Being around Anita just makes my heart happy. She’s positive, radiant, and just plain awesome. Add to that her motto of “Look gorgeous, Feel great, and Be amazing” and you’ve got yourself one fun, uplifting photo shoot. Since she has recently revisited her days as a makeup artist and teaches women the art of makeup application through her business with Mary Kay, we were able to play with makeup before heading to the beach for our photo session. She created a ‘beauty cocktail,’ so to speak, which she thought would be the perfect mix of glowing skin, natural eyes and subtle lips. And then, after handing me a glass of wine, she let me have my way with all her brushes and color palettes. The whole evening was a fashion and beauty girls dream.


I decided to wear this Calypso St. Barth’s caftan dress because of its ethereal, flowy silhouette and cinched waist. I just love a flowy dress, especially when I’m at the beach and get to watch the fabric billowing in the breeze. Since I also love an ikat print and the color turquoise, I knew I had to have this dress for the photo shoot when I saw it at the chic boutique Menagerie (located on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA).  Add in a beautiful sunset (one of my favorite things on the planet), and this evening was just perfect.


walking beach

We didn’t apply much make-up because we wanted a natural, glowing look. After all, we were at the beach. We used some of Anita’s Mary Kay make-up and, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I especially loved the lip liner and lip stick because it was moisturizing but I equally liked how the powder foundation made my skin look smooth.  My hyper-pigmentation all but disappeared and I was pleased by the fact that my pore size seemed to diminish. 


I had a plethora of my favorite jewels on with this caftan. If you’ve been following my Instagram account, you know how much I love my Genevieve Lau Jewelry. Her designs are to die for and the price point of her 14K gold designs are, in my opinion, the best you can find on the market.  I wear something from her collection every day and, in true ‘Chic by alison rose’ form, I layer them like crazy. Here I’m wearing a few necklaces, bangles and one of her fab arrow rings on my pointer finger.

I also layer my other favorite jewels, like these rings on my ring finger, from A. Jacoby & Company for a delicate, deeply layered look. They are also 14K gold and are so dainty and beautiful. It’s easy to layer them (and layer them, and layer them) since they are so subtle and elegant. I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand in the future!


My Troll Beads leather wrap bracelets have not come off this whole vacation! They look so cool with a bathing suit on the beach, ripped jeans and a T-shirt, or a flowy dress, as you see here. They have been so versatile this summer! For more about my Troll Beads obsession, be sure to check out my blog post  Troll Beads and Summer Sunshine

Calypso dress here  and here 

Buzzy Photography

Make up


Layered Necklaces 

Layered Rings here and here







Troll Beads and Summer Sunshine

Being a fashion blogger definitely has its perks. Not only do I get to enjoy clothes on a daily basis and have the opportunity for my creative genes to flow, I also get to collaborate with amazing brands.

Being given the opportunity to work with Troll Beads was a dream come true. I was given complete creative control of the whole process. From choosing the jewelry, to styling the shoot, and deciding the artistic direction of the photo and video shoot, the Troll Beads Marketing and Creative teams left it in my hands. And I couldn’t have been more excited. Here are a few photos from my photo shoot, taken by the rad photojournalist and my great friend, Lindsey Clarke. Man, can this girl see a photo opportunity from every angle and in every square inch of the earth!


One of the best things about the heat and humidity in the summer is that you get to have lazy days, hanging out by the pool. And with that, comes the opportunity to jazz up your normal bathing suit and coverup combination. We paired our Troll Beads with some of our other jewels for this summertime photo shoot.



The leather wrap bracelets and copper cuffs add that perfect beachy, bohemian feel while also holding up to the elements of sunscreen, chlorine and sunshine. They just add that “cool” element to any outfit and we’ve been wearing them all summer long.



Even while running and being active outside, the leather wrap bracelets just feel so good on your wrist. And when you look down at the beads and see the little gold flecks sparkling in the sunshine, it will make your heart, well, shine!


You can order the designs we’ve created here but we encourage you to be creative and make a bracelet that’s all your own. Believe me, you will have fun in the process and will be thrilled with the result.

So go ahead, have fun and layer on your jewels!






Best of Main Line

When I was invited to attend the Best of Main Line Party by the gorgeous Cathleen Helmuth, Manager and Marketing Director of AME Salon and Spa, how could I resist? I had always heard of this event but I didn’t think to attend it as a guest until I launched my own Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog. I was honored to be the guest of such an amazing Salon and Spa, which is located right in my backyard. Make sure you stop in to check them out for all of their amazing services! Also, scope them out on their social media channels too. Some amazing things are happening there and you could be part of it. #AMEsalonandspa & #HipHairZenSpa (instagram),, and AmeSalonandSpa on Facebook. Their address is: 111 Waynewood Avenue Wayne, PA 19087.


This Public Relations genius, Kristy Sevag, of Sevag PR, and I have been running into each other for years. We both have boys and just happened to frequent the same places on the Main Line. It’s always a pleasure seeing her, with her bright smile and seriously awesome duds. This cool chic could have a fashion blog of her own. Check her out on Instagram at #sevagpr and on facebook at Sevag Public Relations.


Ok. Let’s talk Gin. I honestly wasn’t a Gin girl until I took a swig of this seriously smooth and delicious Bluecoat Gin, a Philadelphia distillery. They use 100% organic botanicals, which is a huge plus in my book. I couldn’t stop commenting (or taking swigs) of this buttery smooth libation, which comes in the most fabulous blue bottle I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking, when the gin is done, of using these gorgeous blue bottles for other things around the house; a single flower, use heat to melt it into a tray, or maybe just showcase it on a shelf somewhere. Either way, we know it will be empty. Check them out at: #bluecoatgin (Instagram) and stay tuned for the private club ‘Speak Easy’ opening in Philadelphia in the very near future.


Seeing Miss Philadelphia was both an honor and surprise. I had met her with my husband and some friends a few years ago at a fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis. She is so present in each moment with each individual whom she meets, that she remembered both my husband and our friend. Wow! is all I have to say. This girl is both sweet and beautiful. A killer combination. No wonder she is Miss Philadelphia! I definitely hope to cross paths with her again in the future.

BOML Miss Philadelphia

I had to include these goofy pictures of me and the beautiful #byclaraj having fun. We are not short of laughter when we are together and, thankfully, we both have a silly side that comes through when the camera is on (and off actually!).


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