Easy Guilt-Free Appetizers

I’ve come to face the fact that my talent does not lie in the kitchen. I can put together an outfit in 30 seconds but cooking does not come intuitively to me. Getting creative with food and spices in the fridge leaves me overwhelmed and stumped. Anyone else with me here? The good news is,  ANYONE can follow a recipe and that’s why I’ve enlisted the help of my friend, Jackie, from Main Line Yummies, to guide us through a few easy to make guilt-free recipes that will take us through the holidays and beyond.  Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms, Polenta Rounds with Pesto Chicken and Roasted Red Peppers, and Smoked Salmon Canapes …. they look fancy but are easy to make (thank you, Jackie!) and more importantly, they taste DELISH!

Smoked Salmon CanapesPolenta rounds with pesto chicken and roasted red peppers

Click THIS LINK to be directed to Jackie’s blog where she shares all the recipes from this shoot … she breaks it down and makes preparing a breeze because AHEM, she had ME to deal with. Let us know if there are other guilt-free recipes you’re curious about. Jackie is a master in the kitchen and can whip up another recipe for us. You can also find other amazing recipes on her blog from pastries to hearty winter meals!

Stuffing the mushrooms with crabmeat and spices …. see how Jackie made me look like a pro?

*After our bellies and our hearts were full! Thank you, Jackie, for creating these recipes for us and for hosting a fun shoot! Until next time …

To get the recipes on Jackie’s blog click HERE


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