When Spring Plays Hide and Seek

Any of you who live in the Northeast know that this spring season has been playing a very long and very taunting game of hide and go seek.  One week it’s 80 degrees and the next week it’s 50 degrees, which makes getting dressed complicated.  Especially when we are yearning for the warmth from the sun and the ability to dress in off-the-shoulder tops and toe-baring sandals.  Well, there is a solution to the madness and there are, in fact, ways of dressing appropriately for this insanely transitional weather we have going on.

Take a look at this outfit I have styled here, for example.  I pulled one of my favorite asymmetrical, off the shoulder shoulder shift dresses out of my closet and paired it with my over the knee suede boots.  Who cares that I had to get them out of storage because I was overzealous in putting away all my “winter” gear.  I’ll grab these bad boys any day of the year if the weather permits.  And if that means that I have to wear them in May, when it’s suppose to be at least 70 degrees, than fine.  I’ll do it.

Side note: My friend and photographer is a photojournalist by profession and is as creative as they come.  Since we had her house and her gorgeous daughter on hand for this shoot, we got creative and had so much fun pretending like we dress like this even as we feed our magazine worthy children honey bunches of oats 🙂 Not true obvi.  But I have worn this dress and boots several times — out to dinner, to a new years eve party, and to a Christmas party.  Just not when I’m serving my family food and arranging flowers.


I love how my skin plays peek-a-boo in this photo.  That’s precisely why I love OTK boots so much.  They look wildly chic over skinny jeans and tastefully sexy with a dress.


This last photo is all about the ear cuff and cocktail ring.  Ear cuffs are MAJOR this season and are so different from what we’ve seen in the past few years.  I love changing things up and wearing trends so I jumped on this one early.  I’ve attached links to some ear cuffs here and here as well as transitional spring dresses here and here  over the knee boots here and here.  Happy Shopping 🙂