Fringe Benefits

If you have followed my social media accounts for more than one day, you know how much I love fringe.  Similarly, if you have shopped in any store this spring, you know that fringe is on EVERYTHING this season; bags, shoes, clothing and accessories.  Fringe is the one adornment that, in my opinion, does not get old.  And I can’t get enough.  Check out the movement on this fringe skirt.  Believe me, I know you will not be twirling and dancing on a daily basis like you see me doing in these photos but fringe has such a playful vibe even through basic movements like walking.


Here I am wearing a fabulous fringe skirt I found on the website Forward by Elyse Walker.  It was on MAJOR sale (two of my very favorite words) so I scooped it up and wore it with another one of my favorite pieces; a body suit by Twenty, which I found on sale at Revolve Clothing.  Whether I’m shopping online or in a store, I always take my time searching in the sale section first; I often find amazing, quality pieces in the sale section at a fraction of the retail cost.  If you’re like me and enjoy shopping on a regular basis, this is the most logical, economical way to shop.  I have linked a similar Tamara Mellon skirt (also on sale! Yay!) here. I’ve also linked an awesome bodysuit suitable for spring/summer here.

I’ve posted a few more photos below since I want to bring attention to the 90’s trend, which is having a major moment right now; chokers.  OMG.  I can’t believe this trend is back but I love it!  I’ve worn this gold choker several times and I do not plan on storing it away any time soon. I’ve worn it alone or layered with other necklaces and, in my opinion, it elevates my outfit every time.  It was more versatile than I thought it would be through the winter and into spring…and I’m excited to continue wearing it through the summer.


Below are links to a bunch of fringe options to shop for spring/summer.  I’ve linked many different items here, from shoes, bags and necklaces to skirts, bathing suits and hair accessories — so please bare with me! I couldn’t stop linking since I’m a bit obsessed with this trend! Happy Shopping 🙂

Fringe Jacket

Gladiator sandals with fringe

Sancia bag

Anna Kosturova bathing suit

Bottoms to go with bathing suit above

Fringe dress – limited sizing

Lace up sandal

Lace up flat sandal

Fringe bag – great price

Necklace – great price

Collar and cord necklace

Swimsuit cover up

Skirt – sale!

Skirt – Major sale!

Full piece bathing suit

Swimsuit cover up

Swimsuit Cover up