Wink Your Way Through the Holidays

Sitting on the cusp of the busiest time of year, we’re all looking for time savers and easy ways to elevate our look.  I had always wanted to get lash extensions, however, I was concerned they would look fake and that the glue would be detrimental to the health of my eyes.  That was until I ran into a friend who had the most doe-eyed “freshness” to her face that made me ask, “what are you doing?”.  She sent me to her friend, Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar owner, Erin Derrah, for an appointment that would truly change my entire morning ‘get ready’ routine.  What used to take me 10 minutes now only takes me 5 minutes (and that includes washing my face, applying lotion, tinted sunscreen  and undereye coverup).  There is something about having your eyes look wide open with fanned out lashes first thing in the morning. And not having to wear eye makeup on a day to day basis? That’s an added bonus which no woman on earth can deny.  I never knew how wimpy my eyelashes were until seeing this before and after photo.  Seeing them side by side was eye opening (pun intended).


When you walk into Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar, you immediately know you will be well taken care of.  The women who work there are sweet, downright cool and have the most beautiful lashes you’ve ever seen.  Ever.  The ‘lash tables’ feel like a luxurious spa, complete with soft blankets, support pillows for your knees and neck, and music of your choice.


Erin has done her research and makes sure she provides clients with the best products on the market.  It’s true that if the lashes are not attached properly and/or a salon uses harsh glue, that your natural lashes could be damaged.  None of this will happen at Wink.  These girls are trained professionals with skilled hands, like surgeons.  She makes sure they are all well educated and highly trained.  They look so professional, in fact, that the headdresses they wear, with magnifying glasses attached, makes you want to ask, ‘Will this hurt?’.  The answer is no.  It does not hurt at all.  Except if we’re talking about all those hearts you’ll break with those doe-eyed lashes you’ll be rocking (wink wink).


Erin was amazing; patient with each and every lash and, as many salon owners and cosmeticians become, was sort of a therapist by default.  It’s amazing how much personal information you’ll divulge while in the hands of a skilled professional who is helping  to build your self confidence.  Whether it’s a hair blow out or lash extensions, you will leave Wink Lash Salon & Blowout Bar walking a little taller and feeling more confident.


Yes, the following photos are #carfies.  I couldn’t help it and wanted to capture a few photos up close and personal so you can see how natural they look.  Keep scrolling to the bottom for direct links and pricing information.


Normally, a full set of Xtreme lashes cost $250.  For new customers, when you mention ChicByAlisonRose, you can get them for $175 (valid through November).  Depending on each persons individuals lashes, you will need to get them “touched up” every 2-3 weeks.  That will cost you $65 & $75, respectively.

In my opinion, if you’ve ever wondered even for 1 second what it would be like to have this simple addition to your day, try them through the holidays.  Believe me, you will not regret it when you have that rested, wide-eyed look in all of your holiday photos and at all of the holiday parties you’ll attend.

Direct link to Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar

Instagram: WinkLashStudioInc

Facebook: Wink Lash Studio & Blowout Bar

Similar Crop Sweater in Blush

Similar Crop Sweater – LOVE this one!





Invest In Your Fall Wardrobe

Many of you have asked about this outfit I wore in a photo on Instagram so I’m doing a quick blog post on it today, with links for easy shopping.


Long vests are all the rage this fall.  I happen to like styling them with a sleeveless top underneath but as the fall/winter months approach, I will also style them with long sleeve button downs or the ‘making a comeback from the 90’s trend,’ turtleneck.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Turtlenecks are BACK! But this time, they are super fitted and super chic OR oversized and comfy…nowhere in between.  Anyway,  more on turtlenecks in a later blog post.  Back to the long vest trend.


This one is from TopShop at Nordstrom and it’s no surprise that I layered it with 2 tank tops underneath.  Layering just happens to be my thing, whether it’s clothing or jewelry.  I always feel better in layers for some reason.  Partly because I’m perpetually cold but also because I love how layers add dimension to an outfit.  Wearing this vest as a top layer was exceptionally comfortable because it covered my back side and felt flow-y while I was running errands and meeting a friend for lunch.  I also styled it with my fav Michael Grey booties and oh-so-comfortable and slimming DL1961 skinnies (don’t you just love a slimming skinny jean?).


I’ve attached links to long vests in a myriad of price ranges so you can search and shop through these links.  I’m all about making it easy for you so have fun and rock the long vest trend this fall 🙂

The vest I’m wearing

Long fringe vest – LOVE this one!

Similar Vest – Blush

A more classic style vest

Asymmetric Moto Vest – LOVE and it’s on sale!

Expensive but awesome vest 🙂

More casual vest – LOVE this too and it’s on sale!

Michael Grey Booties

Bangles and Small v Necklace

Expensive vest but FAB!!