Shake Up Your Make Up

Complicated, timely beauty routines? No thank you.  I’m here to tell you about a new way to apply makeup in only a few minutes.  Most likely,  we’re all looking for the perfect foundation.  One that provides good coverage but doesn’t feel heavy.  One that photographs well but doesn’t become cakey and settle into our fine lines and wrinkles. Well, I had been searching for the perfect foundation for years.  Until I stumbled upon ‘The Luminess Air Legend System,’ I kind of thought I’d never find one (insert angels singing).


For starters, it is super easy to use and comes with a DVD to explain everything from start to finish. The first time I used it I completed every step; primer/moisturizer, foundation, highlighter and blush. I was so happy with the results and I was astonished that it only took about 3 minutes to apply. My skin looked youthful, radiant and completely even. I didn’t have to apply ANY concealer. Yes. Completely true. I didn’t use any concealer, which for me is an accomplishment given my self consciousness regarding hyperpigmentation I’ve developed since having kids and as a bi-product of worshipping the sun in my younger years. This explains why ‘The Legend’ is  the #1 best selling airbrush system in the world. For sure.


The key in maintaining a natural finish is to pull back slightly on the trigger, keeping your wrist loose and using a circular motion.  To achieve natural, even coverage hold the stylus about 1 stylus length away from your skin and, again, make sure you’re only pulling back on the trigger a little bit. You want to take advantage of the micro-fine mist of this system and not blast your skin with too much color, resulting in ‘blotchy’ spots.  Remember, you can always go back and apply a second layer if you want more coverage.  For a daytime look,  in my opinion, you will only need one layer. Believe me, you will achieve a beautiful, youthful glow that looks so natural it almost doesn’t look like makeup at all.



This is my final look below.  I will definitely use this on a regular basis and would highly recommend investing in one.  So, go for it; shake up your usual make up routine and try one of these baby’s.  I can assure you; you’ll be happy you did!



I had to include a picture of my hairstyle for this write up. I love wearing my hair in braids and got sick of the same old side braid. I decided to give this “pull through braid” a try and really loved it! Hope you do too!

image image

It wouldn’t be like me to exclude fashion information from a blog post and since I just love this dress, I have to tell you about it!  It’s a  high-low hem dress by the brand ‘Gypsy’ and is so comfortable it feels like you’re wearing a robe.  If you don’t own anything by Gypsy, you should.  I love the bohemian feel and functionality of their clothing.  Beauty and comfort all in one!

**Special thanks to LuminessAir for sending me this fabulous system to try out.  I can say with certainty that I  love it!!

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