Over Overalls? Think Again.

Get used to seeing these bibs because they are back with a vengeance this fall/winter, except this time in leather.  Yes, LEATHER.  That word alone makes me happy.  Besides being worried about getting  so hot and sweaty that I’ll become Ross in an episode of ‘Friends’ (you know, the one where he had to make himself a pair of ‘paste pants’ because he couldn’t pull his leather skinnies up), I am so excited about this trend!


Here, I’m wearing a pair of Level99 jean overalls from Anthropologie and I’m so happy to take them into the winter months.  In these pictures, I added a few girly touches with pink pumps and a flowy, flower crop tank.  I also bought them so they were fitted instead of loose and oversized. Still though, I can just as easily pair them with strappy flats or a pair of converse and throw on an oversized sweater cardigan to rock the trend this winter.


And the good news is you can too.  So many of you have asked, ‘can I really wear overalls?’ and the answer is emphatically yes, you can!  Find a pair which flatter your body type and go for it.  Decide if you want a more casual, loose fit or a more refined, fitted pair.  Most importantly, OWN IT! Just have fun with fashion, be adventurous with your choices and be confident.  It’s amazing what a little confidence will do for the look you’re trying to pull off.  If you want to go uber trendy, buy a leather pair.  Just remember, if you go the leather route, choose your bathroom breaks wisely.  If you happen to find yourself hot and ‘expanded’, think twice before you pull those bad boys down to your ankles!


Photographs by Mary Williams Photography

Outfit details:

Level99 Overalls (on sale!!)

Crop Tank (on sale!!)

My Pumps are no longer available but I’ve linked a few similar styles below:

Pink Pumps (similar)

Pink Pumps (similar)

Gold Necklace

Leather wrap bracelets



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