Come Distress With Me

If you don’t know by now, distressed jeans are THE jean of the season (aside from the flare, which I’ll talk about in a future post). The more holes and slices the better; in every fit and every cut, distressing your jeans is a must this fall! Think of it as ‘freedom of expression’ and go at your jeans with wild abandon.


We all have that pair of old jeans that we haven’t pulled out of our closet in years.  And I bet we all have that pair of jeans that we try on over and over again but never wear because there is something ‘not quite right’ about them.  Just recently, I noticed that I had several pairs of jeans just like this in my closet.  So, instead of making my usual trip to the local Good Will, I decided to distress them like crazy.


The following are pictures and directions for the whole process from beginning to end. It’s easier than you think so grab a pair of scissors, tweezers, and some chalk and let’s get started!

1. Lay your jeans flat on a table

2. Mark where you want to make your cuts (several cuts in a row will make a bigger hole).


3. Grab a little bit of fabric and hold it vertically in between your fingers.


4. HORIZONTALLY snip ever so slightly making a small incision.

5. Then, cut sideways horizontally towards each side (along the chalk line) until you’ve made the cut as wide as you want it.

6. With tweezers, grab one of the VERTICAL fibers and pull (this first fiber will be the hardest to remove).


7. Keep pulling until all of the vertical fibers are removed, leaving only the horizontal fibers in place. Sometimes I leave a few vertical fibers in place (see below) because I like how it looks but you can decide as you go.


8. I cut the bottom hem off this pair and love how, by accident, they ripped up the seam a little bit too


9. Wash so that you achieve the full frayed effect

Tips: I always make a few extra small holes throughly the jeans to make them look ‘aged’ even more. To do this, just snip a small hole like you did in #4. Then, take your tweezers and roughen up the edges around the hole.   It will end up looking like this.


If you’re feeling overly ambitious you can also use the edge of the scissors to roughen up the edges of the pockets (cut seams of pockets first to start the aging process).


And if you really want to make your jeans extra distressed (think going all out with your creative expression), grab some sandpaper and go crazy throughout the legs of the jeans. Trust me, you won’t be sorry you’ve destroyed your denim when you’re rocking them next weekend!


Light Blue cigarette jean (similar) (mine are joe’s jeans)

Light Peach Tractr Denim

Light peach skinny (another option)

Saint Laurent d’Orsay Pink Pump (the pink are sold out but they have some fab colors for fall!)

Thumb Ring (Stella and Dot)



2 thoughts on “Come Distress With Me”

  1. i did this to a pair of jeans not too long ago, but wanted them to look really edgy, so I went to my dad’s house and spread them out on a haybale and shot them with bird shot. They have all these little holes below the knees and the tears up top. Really cool, but don’t try it at home 😛

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