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Troll Beads and Summer Sunshine

Being a fashion blogger definitely has its perks. Not only do I get to enjoy clothes on a daily basis and have the opportunity for my creative genes to flow, I also get to collaborate with amazing brands.

Being given the opportunity to work with Troll Beads was a dream come true. I was given complete creative control of the whole process. From choosing the jewelry, to styling the shoot, and deciding the artistic direction of the photo and video shoot, the Troll Beads Marketing and Creative teams left it in my hands. And I couldn’t have been more excited. Here are a few photos from my photo shoot, taken by the rad photojournalist and my great friend, Lindsey Clarke. Man, can this girl see a photo opportunity from every angle and in every square inch of the earth!


One of the best things about the heat and humidity in the summer is that you get to have lazy days, hanging out by the pool. And with that, comes the opportunity to jazz up your normal bathing suit and coverup combination. We paired our Troll Beads with some of our other jewels for this summertime photo shoot.



The leather wrap bracelets and copper cuffs add that perfect beachy, bohemian feel while also holding up to the elements of sunscreen, chlorine and sunshine. They just add that “cool” element to any outfit and we’ve been wearing them all summer long.



Even while running and being active outside, the leather wrap bracelets just feel so good on your wrist. And when you look down at the beads and see the little gold flecks sparkling in the sunshine, it will make your heart, well, shine!


You can order the designs we’ve created here but we encourage you to be creative and make a bracelet that’s all your own. Believe me, you will have fun in the process and will be thrilled with the result.

So go ahead, have fun and layer on your jewels!






2 thoughts on “Troll Beads and Summer Sunshine”

  1. hey alison! I love your blog and the troll beads looks so pretty! what is the best website for me to look into buying some? thanks lady!

    1. So sorry! I’m just seeing this comment. Go to trollbeads usa. You can also search on their Instagram account at TrollBeadsUSA and reference my bracelets from Chic by Alison Rose! Let me know if that doesn’t work. I can contact someone for you! My email is

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