Alison Rose

Ready For My Close-Up

Getting a call from my good friend about shooting a segment for FOX29 News’ Good Day Philadelphia morning show with Jennaphr Frederick and Louella Boutique in Wayne, PA was a dream come true. Not only did I get to style the clothes and accessories for myself, I also got to assist a few others with their outfits. Arriving at the store, after hours, and being greeted with champagne and appetizers was just how Louella Boutique owner, Maria Delany, wanted the energy of the night (and the fashion segment the next morning) to be; welcoming, a high energy and a sense of comradery among a few ladies who shared the same passion: FASHION. She gave us full reign of the boutique and was so open to our ideas about styling that the whole experience was exhilarating. From start to finish.



Getting to meet Jennaphr Frederick and to talk with her about life, family, passions, and careers was more than I could have asked for. She is all about empowering women and when it comes to embracing what others have to offer, this chick walks the walk. She is just so cool and approachable. Welcoming and warm. It was like having coffee (or maybe champagne) with a childhood girlfriend.


The other ladies were no exception either. All of us were laughing together and collaborating on our outfit selections. Even though a few others also have fashion blogs, there wasn’t a sense of competitiveness, rather, there was a sense of calm and comfort knowing we are all in this together. And that we truly understood the goals of the amazing girl sitting next to us on the couch. Whether we have fashion blogs, or radio shows or were a tall, beautiful model, we were all in this together. Maria Delany and Jennaphr Frederick had a big hand in that and we thank them, wholeheartedly, for fostering such an environment.



My son was off school that day, so he was lucky enough to be able to meet the cameraman, Mike, who was also super nice and who, like Jennaphr and Maria, created a relaxed atmosphere. He embraced James’ inquisitive nature and let him hold the camera all by himself, showing him how the camera works and what functions the buttons had. James came away walking a little taller that day!


This is Sam, our summer babysitter. She is one amazing girl herself, raising money for kids with cancer. You can visit her non-profit organization, which she started all by herself, at to learn more or to donate to this amazing organization.


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