I Wore A Disco Ball

Picking your outfit for a surprise birthday party can be tough, especially when you know about the surprise. Being the guest of honor, in my opinion, is sort of stressful. You want to look good, feel confident, have a great outfit (but make sure it’s balanced so it’s not too flashy), and most importantly, you want to be a good host and make everyone feel comfortable. Add to that a girl who has a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear and you’ve got a problem. Or maybe you’ve got a shopping opportunity!

Honestly, I was happy I found out about the surprise even though my sweet husband, who was planning the event at the amazing Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia, was disappointed. I immediately started scouring Revolve Clothing online to search for the perfect birthday outfit. When I saw this gem (romper by Parker), it immediately grabbed my attention. I was worried it would be too short because, let’s face it, too short is too short no matter what your age. I ordered it in two different colors because I always like to have choices and Revolve has an amazing return policy (I would return the one I didn’t wear). After some prodding from some trusted friends and my sisters, I decided to go for it because, why not? It was my birthday and they all assured me that it was not too short. From the beginning I loved how this romper was balanced with a flowy, loose top. I couldn’t wear something on the shorter side AND have it fitted to my body. I wanted to exude class while also wearing a sassy outfit! Balance is key when you’re trying to achieve that.

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The shoes I FINALLY got to wear are vintage Patrick Cox. I wrote ‘finally’ so emphatically because I got those shoes when I was an intern at DKNY in 1998 and I wore them for the first time that night. When I wore a disco ball.

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The night was a blast and I didn’t realize I looked like a disco ball until my funny, goofball husband started calling me one. I kind of enjoyed looking like one, all shiny and sparkly. Having my closest friends at dinner and then more great friends join us for after dinner dancing, just made the night so special and perfect. The kind of night I’ll remember forever because we danced, laughed and went round and round on the dance floor, kind of like, well…a disco ball. We just had an all-around good time. The kind of fun you should have when it’s your birthday!

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