Best of Main Line

When I was invited to attend the Best of Main Line Party by the gorgeous Cathleen Helmuth, Manager and Marketing Director of AME Salon and Spa, how could I resist? I had always heard of this event but I didn’t think to attend it as a guest until I launched my own Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog. I was honored to be the guest of such an amazing Salon and Spa, which is located right in my backyard. Make sure you stop in to check them out for all of their amazing services! Also, scope them out on their social media channels too. Some amazing things are happening there and you could be part of it. #AMEsalonandspa & #HipHairZenSpa (instagram),, and AmeSalonandSpa on Facebook. Their address is: 111 Waynewood Avenue Wayne, PA 19087.


This Public Relations genius, Kristy Sevag, of Sevag PR, and I have been running into each other for years. We both have boys and just happened to frequent the same places on the Main Line. It’s always a pleasure seeing her, with her bright smile and seriously awesome duds. This cool chic could have a fashion blog of her own. Check her out on Instagram at #sevagpr and on facebook at Sevag Public Relations.


Ok. Let’s talk Gin. I honestly wasn’t a Gin girl until I took a swig of this seriously smooth and delicious Bluecoat Gin, a Philadelphia distillery. They use 100% organic botanicals, which is a huge plus in my book. I couldn’t stop commenting (or taking swigs) of this buttery smooth libation, which comes in the most fabulous blue bottle I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking, when the gin is done, of using these gorgeous blue bottles for other things around the house; a single flower, use heat to melt it into a tray, or maybe just showcase it on a shelf somewhere. Either way, we know it will be empty. Check them out at: #bluecoatgin (Instagram) and stay tuned for the private club ‘Speak Easy’ opening in Philadelphia in the very near future.


Seeing Miss Philadelphia was both an honor and surprise. I had met her with my husband and some friends a few years ago at a fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis. She is so present in each moment with each individual whom she meets, that she remembered both my husband and our friend. Wow! is all I have to say. This girl is both sweet and beautiful. A killer combination. No wonder she is Miss Philadelphia! I definitely hope to cross paths with her again in the future.

BOML Miss Philadelphia

I had to include these goofy pictures of me and the beautiful #byclaraj having fun. We are not short of laughter when we are together and, thankfully, we both have a silly side that comes through when the camera is on (and off actually!).