Cocktails and Caftans

When talented Pittsburgh photographer, Anita Buzzy Prentiss from Buzzy Photography, asked to photograph me on the beach in Avalon, NJ, the creative energy was palpable from the start. This girl is all about empowering and encouraging women, and when it comes to capturing beautiful, creative images, she just knows what she’s doing. Being photographed by her was both an honor and a privilege.


side view


Being around Anita just makes my heart happy. She’s positive, radiant, and just plain awesome. Add to that her motto of “Look gorgeous, Feel great, and Be amazing” and you’ve got yourself one fun, uplifting photo shoot. Since she has recently revisited her days as a makeup artist and teaches women the art of makeup application through her business with Mary Kay, we were able to play with makeup before heading to the beach for our photo session. She created a ‘beauty cocktail,’ so to speak, which she thought would be the perfect mix of glowing skin, natural eyes and subtle lips. And then, after handing me a glass of wine, she let me have my way with all her brushes and color palettes. The whole evening was a fashion and beauty girls dream.


I decided to wear this Calypso St. Barth’s caftan dress because of its ethereal, flowy silhouette and cinched waist. I just love a flowy dress, especially when I’m at the beach and get to watch the fabric billowing in the breeze. Since I also love an ikat print and the color turquoise, I knew I had to have this dress for the photo shoot when I saw it at the chic boutique Menagerie (located on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA).  Add in a beautiful sunset (one of my favorite things on the planet), and this evening was just perfect.


walking beach

We didn’t apply much make-up because we wanted a natural, glowing look. After all, we were at the beach. We used some of Anita’s Mary Kay make-up and, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I especially loved the lip liner and lip stick because it was moisturizing but I equally liked how the powder foundation made my skin look smooth.  My hyper-pigmentation all but disappeared and I was pleased by the fact that my pore size seemed to diminish. 


I had a plethora of my favorite jewels on with this caftan. If you’ve been following my Instagram account, you know how much I love my Genevieve Lau Jewelry. Her designs are to die for and the price point of her 14K gold designs are, in my opinion, the best you can find on the market.  I wear something from her collection every day and, in true ‘Chic by alison rose’ form, I layer them like crazy. Here I’m wearing a few necklaces, bangles and one of her fab arrow rings on my pointer finger.

I also layer my other favorite jewels, like these rings on my ring finger, from A. Jacoby & Company for a delicate, deeply layered look. They are also 14K gold and are so dainty and beautiful. It’s easy to layer them (and layer them, and layer them) since they are so subtle and elegant. I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand in the future!


My Troll Beads leather wrap bracelets have not come off this whole vacation! They look so cool with a bathing suit on the beach, ripped jeans and a T-shirt, or a flowy dress, as you see here. They have been so versatile this summer! For more about my Troll Beads obsession, be sure to check out my blog post  Troll Beads and Summer Sunshine

Calypso dress here  and here 

Buzzy Photography

Make up


Layered Necklaces 

Layered Rings here and here







Troll Beads and Summer Sunshine

Being a fashion blogger definitely has its perks. Not only do I get to enjoy clothes on a daily basis and have the opportunity for my creative genes to flow, I also get to collaborate with amazing brands.

Being given the opportunity to work with Troll Beads was a dream come true. I was given complete creative control of the whole process. From choosing the jewelry, to styling the shoot, and deciding the artistic direction of the photo and video shoot, the Troll Beads Marketing and Creative teams left it in my hands. And I couldn’t have been more excited. Here are a few photos from my photo shoot, taken by the rad photojournalist and my great friend, Lindsey Clarke. Man, can this girl see a photo opportunity from every angle and in every square inch of the earth!


One of the best things about the heat and humidity in the summer is that you get to have lazy days, hanging out by the pool. And with that, comes the opportunity to jazz up your normal bathing suit and coverup combination. We paired our Troll Beads with some of our other jewels for this summertime photo shoot.



The leather wrap bracelets and copper cuffs add that perfect beachy, bohemian feel while also holding up to the elements of sunscreen, chlorine and sunshine. They just add that “cool” element to any outfit and we’ve been wearing them all summer long.



Even while running and being active outside, the leather wrap bracelets just feel so good on your wrist. And when you look down at the beads and see the little gold flecks sparkling in the sunshine, it will make your heart, well, shine!


You can order the designs we’ve created here but we encourage you to be creative and make a bracelet that’s all your own. Believe me, you will have fun in the process and will be thrilled with the result.

So go ahead, have fun and layer on your jewels!






Best of Main Line

When I was invited to attend the Best of Main Line Party by the gorgeous Cathleen Helmuth, Manager and Marketing Director of AME Salon and Spa, how could I resist? I had always heard of this event but I didn’t think to attend it as a guest until I launched my own Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog. I was honored to be the guest of such an amazing Salon and Spa, which is located right in my backyard. Make sure you stop in to check them out for all of their amazing services! Also, scope them out on their social media channels too. Some amazing things are happening there and you could be part of it. #AMEsalonandspa & #HipHairZenSpa (instagram),, and AmeSalonandSpa on Facebook. Their address is: 111 Waynewood Avenue Wayne, PA 19087.


This Public Relations genius, Kristy Sevag, of Sevag PR, and I have been running into each other for years. We both have boys and just happened to frequent the same places on the Main Line. It’s always a pleasure seeing her, with her bright smile and seriously awesome duds. This cool chic could have a fashion blog of her own. Check her out on Instagram at #sevagpr and on facebook at Sevag Public Relations.


Ok. Let’s talk Gin. I honestly wasn’t a Gin girl until I took a swig of this seriously smooth and delicious Bluecoat Gin, a Philadelphia distillery. They use 100% organic botanicals, which is a huge plus in my book. I couldn’t stop commenting (or taking swigs) of this buttery smooth libation, which comes in the most fabulous blue bottle I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking, when the gin is done, of using these gorgeous blue bottles for other things around the house; a single flower, use heat to melt it into a tray, or maybe just showcase it on a shelf somewhere. Either way, we know it will be empty. Check them out at: #bluecoatgin (Instagram) and stay tuned for the private club ‘Speak Easy’ opening in Philadelphia in the very near future.


Seeing Miss Philadelphia was both an honor and surprise. I had met her with my husband and some friends a few years ago at a fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis. She is so present in each moment with each individual whom she meets, that she remembered both my husband and our friend. Wow! is all I have to say. This girl is both sweet and beautiful. A killer combination. No wonder she is Miss Philadelphia! I definitely hope to cross paths with her again in the future.

BOML Miss Philadelphia

I had to include these goofy pictures of me and the beautiful #byclaraj having fun. We are not short of laughter when we are together and, thankfully, we both have a silly side that comes through when the camera is on (and off actually!).


Ready For My Close-Up

Getting a call from my good friend about shooting a segment for FOX29 News’ Good Day Philadelphia morning show with Jennaphr Frederick and Louella Boutique in Wayne, PA was a dream come true. Not only did I get to style the clothes and accessories for myself, I also got to assist a few others with their outfits. Arriving at the store, after hours, and being greeted with champagne and appetizers was just how Louella Boutique owner, Maria Delany, wanted the energy of the night (and the fashion segment the next morning) to be; welcoming, a high energy and a sense of comradery among a few ladies who shared the same passion: FASHION. She gave us full reign of the boutique and was so open to our ideas about styling that the whole experience was exhilarating. From start to finish.



Getting to meet Jennaphr Frederick and to talk with her about life, family, passions, and careers was more than I could have asked for. She is all about empowering women and when it comes to embracing what others have to offer, this chick walks the walk. She is just so cool and approachable. Welcoming and warm. It was like having coffee (or maybe champagne) with a childhood girlfriend.


The other ladies were no exception either. All of us were laughing together and collaborating on our outfit selections. Even though a few others also have fashion blogs, there wasn’t a sense of competitiveness, rather, there was a sense of calm and comfort knowing we are all in this together. And that we truly understood the goals of the amazing girl sitting next to us on the couch. Whether we have fashion blogs, or radio shows or were a tall, beautiful model, we were all in this together. Maria Delany and Jennaphr Frederick had a big hand in that and we thank them, wholeheartedly, for fostering such an environment.



My son was off school that day, so he was lucky enough to be able to meet the cameraman, Mike, who was also super nice and who, like Jennaphr and Maria, created a relaxed atmosphere. He embraced James’ inquisitive nature and let him hold the camera all by himself, showing him how the camera works and what functions the buttons had. James came away walking a little taller that day!


This is Sam, our summer babysitter. She is one amazing girl herself, raising money for kids with cancer. You can visit her non-profit organization, which she started all by herself, at to learn more or to donate to this amazing organization.


Getting Gorgeous

From the moment we walked into the Getting Gorgeous event, hosted by Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney, we felt chic and well cared for. The energy in the room had a palpable sense of creativity and fashion. Which was right up our alley. The vendors were fabulous and had an energy similar to what you feel at a fashion show. It was exhilarating from the start. Fashion bloggers were prancing all around creating a movement and flow that felt like a dance. A dance where we were all one, supporting one another and working together. A forum of encouragement and support.


Alison Rose

Of course, a fashion blogging event wouldn’t be the same without impressive brands present. And the girls behind it all, Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland, impressed us with some of the best. Troll Beads, Kevita, Liquid Oxygen, Bali, Cocktail Caviar, and some delish food vendors.



We were excited at the thought of collaborating with any of these brands, especially since our experience in collaborating with Troll Beads had been a thrill. The excitement continued as we walked into the brightest and most well lit beauty bar we’ve ever seen. It was like walking onto a movie set with a strong makeup and hair team. A fashion and beauty girl’s dream. What seemed to resonate with us the most was the sense of community and a passion for fashion and beauty. We strive to surround ourselves with people who build us up and, in turn, we do the same. That was exactly the type of atmosphere that Getting Gorgeous had. We had the time of our lives and can’t wait for their next event.



I Wore A Disco Ball

Picking your outfit for a surprise birthday party can be tough, especially when you know about the surprise. Being the guest of honor, in my opinion, is sort of stressful. You want to look good, feel confident, have a great outfit (but make sure it’s balanced so it’s not too flashy), and most importantly, you want to be a good host and make everyone feel comfortable. Add to that a girl who has a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear and you’ve got a problem. Or maybe you’ve got a shopping opportunity!

Honestly, I was happy I found out about the surprise even though my sweet husband, who was planning the event at the amazing Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia, was disappointed. I immediately started scouring Revolve Clothing online to search for the perfect birthday outfit. When I saw this gem (romper by Parker), it immediately grabbed my attention. I was worried it would be too short because, let’s face it, too short is too short no matter what your age. I ordered it in two different colors because I always like to have choices and Revolve has an amazing return policy (I would return the one I didn’t wear). After some prodding from some trusted friends and my sisters, I decided to go for it because, why not? It was my birthday and they all assured me that it was not too short. From the beginning I loved how this romper was balanced with a flowy, loose top. I couldn’t wear something on the shorter side AND have it fitted to my body. I wanted to exude class while also wearing a sassy outfit! Balance is key when you’re trying to achieve that.

Copy of IMG_4017

The shoes I FINALLY got to wear are vintage Patrick Cox. I wrote ‘finally’ so emphatically because I got those shoes when I was an intern at DKNY in 1998 and I wore them for the first time that night. When I wore a disco ball.

Copy of IMG_4021

The night was a blast and I didn’t realize I looked like a disco ball until my funny, goofball husband started calling me one. I kind of enjoyed looking like one, all shiny and sparkly. Having my closest friends at dinner and then more great friends join us for after dinner dancing, just made the night so special and perfect. The kind of night I’ll remember forever because we danced, laughed and went round and round on the dance floor, kind of like, well…a disco ball. We just had an all-around good time. The kind of fun you should have when it’s your birthday!

Copy of IMG_5240



Copy of IMG_5280



The Hamptons

Hearing the words “The Hamptons” evokes a visceral excitement for me. I can almost taste the sea-salty air, feel the rays of sunshine warm my skin and, most naturally, see the streets lined with some of the chicest boutiques in the northeast.

Well, this girls’ weekend lived up to all of those expectations and was nothing short of fabulous. When you arrive at your friend’s house and are greeted with champagne and laughs you just know it’s going to be good.


Add to that cheese platters, fresh cut flowers and extra lemons (because they know you’ll want them for your water), you are reminded that you truly do have the best girlfriends on the planet.

Dressing up and choosing outfits never ceases to excite the pants off of me and I was packed (I should say WAY over packed) for our 2 day weekend. But, a girl never wants to be without the things she needs, and when her friend asks her if she has scissors to cut the tag off a freshly purchased item, you want to be able to say yes! And I did.

My friends were troopers, excitedly taking pictures for the blog, and even helping with getting my creative juices flowing. Don’t you just love girlfriends? If yours are anything like mine, you feel loved and supported when they’re around. And that is exactly how I felt. They took many pictures of me this weekend and would say, “turn this way, look down, let me get a close up” and I was overjoyed to have them be a part of the whole process.

Of course, being away on a girls weekend doesn’t mean that I don’t think about blogging. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about ways I could get great photos to use for this post. This is sitting poolside early in the morning, while enjoying coffee and conversation with the girls


Coral Pajama pants: Free Press for Target – Similar Here
Sunglasses: Chanel
White shirt: Sundays from Louella Boutique

When Saturday arrived, my friend who was hosting us, surprised us with a hair blow out at the trendy salon called “Blow.”


I went for a beachy wave because… why not?? We were in The Hamptons.


The salon was covered with the same gray shaker shingles which grace many of the shops and beautiful homes, and I just love them. The way they look and the way they make me feel all beachy and cool meant it was a photo op I couldn’t refuse. I recruited one of my besties to stand with me for this photo and she joined me with model-like ease.


Destroyed T-shirt: We The Free (Nordstrom Rack) – Similar Here
Moto sweatpants: Gap – Similar Here
Yosi Samra Flip Flops

And this is a picture of 3 of us girls, who have the exact same sandals by Yosi Samra. When you find a fab pair of flip flops and you don’t live in the same city, you all buy them and enjoy wearing them together.


Before heading out for a fun-filled Saturday night birthday celebration, we had a blast getting ready together. This is me doing hair & makeup, which was pleasantly reminiscent of our college days.


Dress: HauteHippie, Ring: Rachel Zoe, Earrings: LeLe Sadoughi, Snakeskin cuff: Kara Ross, Bangles: Genevieve Lau. I used a lot of different make up like Stila, Makeup Forever, Chanel, and Benefit. My favorite highlighting cream by a Philadelphia local makeup line, Darcy by Dicaprio, quickly became a favorite of my girlfriends too.

Darci by Dicaprio Highlighter


We the Free sweats for Target and Gilligan & O’Malley tank top for Target.

Having the best girlfriends on the planet also means you are set to have the best weekend on the planet. It was my birthday and so my chic and fabulous friends showered me, not only with lemons, but with beautiful, stylish gifts. One friend also handed over a pair of Debi Kroell grey booties because she had never worn them. I had been on the hunt for the perfect pair for months and I ended up finding them in my besties closet!



Amanda Uprichard never ceases to amaze me with the most beautiful, saturated colors (the blouse). The necklace I’m wearing was a gift from my trendy, street-sassy dressing friend who scored this gem in a Connecticut boutique. The booties are Devi Kroell, as I mentioned before, and made me feel like I was standing a mile high. The jeans are topshop and the gold midi rings are from Nordstrom. Of course, I’m always wearing something from the amazing Genevieve Lau Jewelry collection (the arrow ring on my pointer finger and bangles). Her bangles are a staple every day whether I’m wearing a tshirt and ripped jeans, cocktail attire or anything in between. I layered my other wrist with bangles from Anthropologie. The clutch is unknown but is one of my favorites with snakeskin printed leather and the greatest green, turquoise and gold colors.

Amanda Uprichard blouse
Devi Kroell Booties
Top Shop Ripped Skinnies
Midi Rings – Similar Here and Here
Genevieve Lau Bangles
Anthropologie Bangles – Similar Here and Here
Snakeskin Clutch – Similar Here


Celebrating my birthday with the biggest and brightest candle I’ve ever seen, with cheers and smiles all around.

When Sunday rolled around (all too quickly) we realized things would soon be back to normal. Waking up early, taking care of kids, 2 of us working full-time professional jobs and 2 of us working as stay-at-home Mothers. Wow. How did our little reality (ah hem, fantasy) of a girls weekend come to a close so quickly? We ate our lovely breakfast and drank our delicious coffee, which was prepared again by our bestie who never sat still the whole time and who helped made this weekend what it was. Special, lovely, memory creating and just plain awesome. Until next time, we will text each other sweet messages and start planning our next reunion, hopefully in the fall. And when that weekend comes, we be able to reminisce about this Hamptons weekend and all the crazy fun we had. The best part about girlfriends is that the fun never ends and when we see each other we just pick up where we left off and start creating new memories all over again.


These girls are my best friends from college and man, do we have some fun and wild memories together.  It’s just so nice to have the comfort of “old” friends in our adult lives.  So many laughs and memories still being cultivated together.  And the ability to act like kids again with no judgement, no rules and the freedom of expressing your raw, uninhibited feelings.  About any and everything.  All the time.  With no exceptions. Until next time, friends. You are #the4bestfriendsanyoneeverhad and I love you with all my heart.

P.S. Riding in the car on the way home from a weekend trip doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats! I chose to wear my black Topshop ripped jeans, Calvin Klein green and white tie-dye blouse, Isola sandals, Micheal Kors watch, a leather wrap bracelet and my Genevieve Lau Jewelry layered necklaces and bangles.


About CHIC by Alison Rose

Urban Trends | Suburban Life

Alison RoseI began my career with Escada in New York City, but my true love of fashion started long before. I have been obsessed with fashion for as long as I can remember. At just five years old, my outfit selection was an important and thoughtful decision, right down to the accessories I was choosing. To this day, I can recall being more excited about the salmon-colored jumpsuit I wore to go see Santa than I was about actually seeing Santa. Perhaps this is when my love of jumpsuits began!

I value the whole process of putting an outfit together – from the shopping hunt to the final ensemble. I believe accessorizing is equally important and can elevate any outfit. My love of fashion even overflows into hairstyle and makeup selection. Styling is always on my brain. Nothing makes me happier (besides my family) than putting a fabulous outfit together!

I studied corporate communication at Ithaca College. I also took classes in styling at Parsons School of Design and classes in fashion at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. I worked in the fashion industry in New York before starting a family. After living around the world, my husband and I settled in Pennsylvania and have two sons. In my spare time, I choose to read style magazines and will pick up a book by Rachel Zoe, Tom Ford or Chanel over any other book! I love the Lord, my family, friends and fashion more than I can portray here in words.